P & H Home Improvements


Roof Coating

We range of roof coating colours can transform the look of old roof tiles and make them look like new. The coloured roof coatings must not be confused with cheap roof paints that can quickly lift off concrete roof tiles. 

Roof Cleaning

The roof cleaning process will remove all moss, algae, lichen and any other dirt residue that have contaminated your roof over time.

Throughout the roof cleaning process our engineers will make sure that downpipes are protected, with the gutters fully cleaned out and left clear of any residue from the roof. 


Getting your roof to look brand new

Roof Cleaning - The roof will cleaned using our professional pressure cleaning equipment.

Biocide Wash - Roof Revive is then applied to the roof to eliminate remaining mould and moss spores.
Roof Repairs - Any necessary roof repairs will be discussed

Protective Roof Sealer - Your roof will then be ready for a application of the protective roof sealer applied

 Final Stage - All debris will be removed from your property and your home is left in the same condition as it was prior to the work commencing.

Thermal Roof Coating

Thermal Roof Coating to your home will add value and increased appeal to your property. Not to mention energy saving benefits as a direct result of the increased insulation provided by thermal roof coating.

If your existing roof is tired and old or in need of renovation, you now have an alternative to an expensive new roof. We renovate, clean and coat your roof to give it the look of a new roof.

Roof coatings

  • Defense against all weathers

  • Protection against the growth of algae, lichens and moss

  • Better insulation – reducing energy bills

  • Extends your roof’s life

  • Attractive looking roof – better than new

  • Adds value to your property


Protective Sealer

For customers that would prefer a clear finish rather than a colour then we recommend our Protective Sealer which will leave your roof fully protected against the elements.

Benefits include;
Water resistant after one coat application 
Highly resistant to staining and organic growth
Lifespan of up to 15 years

Moss Removal

The ever changing climatic conditions are proving perfect breeding grounds for moss growth on roof tiles. Old roof tiles become more porous and over time with the freeze thaw cycle expanding and contracting these growths can eventually crack the tiles and allow the ingress of water.