P & H Home Improvements

Groundworks & Roofing Specialists

We offer to lay new drives or lift, clean and re-set your Block Paving.

We "Clean and Re-Sand", to revive your tired looking driveway.

We have many years experience working with different types of Block paving materials.  This is a cost effective and versatile product that can be used for landscaping your driveways, patios and paths.

While permeable paving is a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) which provides a great aesthetic solution to drainage problems in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Each range of paving block we create comes in a range of colours. Depending on the nature of how the paving block is produced, this colour will vary slightly from range to range.

In accordance with your tastes and budget, you can create a design that’s deemed tasteful for your home from the brick and block products from our leading manufacturers, which you can further enhance with kerbings and edgings to create your ideal finish. We can assist you with the choice of paving block or brick design for your home.


We can clean, seal and repair your block paving, slabs and concrete

We offer a full "Driveway Cleaning Service".

With our professional jet washing and pressure cleaning service, at Clean Driveway we can restore your driveways, patios, terraces and paths back to new.

Power Cleaing & Jet Washing

Our power washing equipment can help keep your paving in top condition.

We take care not to use high pressure water jet if it looks like we could remove the jointing material.  We avoid  disturbing the blocks and of course the bed surfaces.

We use different Jet Washing systems for household Paths, Patios and some Driveways.

By installing paving blocks, your outdoor space can be completely transformed, but over time it can become faded, stained and overgrown.

Cleaning your block paving is an inexpensive way of restoring it back to how it looked when it was first laid. Progress can be slow and can take up to 5 minutes per square metre. Power washing will remove stains, dirt and smaller weeds without the need to scrub or use harsh chemicals.

What to look for when wanting to seal a driveway

  • Look for trouble spots. Carefully inspect every square foot of your driveway and make note of any cracks, oily stains, potholes, or areas that are crumbling
  • Scrub away stains
  • Fill in cracks
  • Patch potholes
  • Prep the driveway for sealing


  • You can choose from a wide range of good quality products offering various designs and colours
  • Low maintenance in comparison to normal garden maintenance requirements
  • Tasteful appearance
  • A practical investment and cheaper than other alternatives
  • Long lasting.



Step 1
Mark out the area to be paved and remove all the existing surfacing to a depth so that the finished level is at least 150mm

Step 2
Install any manhole covers, drainage channels and edge restraints as required.

Step 3
Fill the excavated area with at least 100mm of Membrane Type.

Step 4
Spread sharp sand to a depth of 50mm, compact it with the plate vibrator and spread a further 15mm of sharp sand over the area as a loose screed and level correctly.

Step 5
Lay one course of blocks on the sand along all edge restraints.

Step 6
Lay the blocks hand tight only, with a joint gap of 2-5mm.

Step 8
Compact the whole area with three to four passes of the plate vibrator in perpendicular directions and overlapping.

Step 9
Sweep Jointing Sand over the entire area, ensuring it gets into all the joints between blocks.

Step 10
Fill any gaps which appear in the joints and vibrate the whole area again.